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Where We’re Going
What We Face
How We Work
Where We Live
Who We Are
Building a Sustainable Food System
Infrastructure Building in Developing Economies
The Practical Education of Society & New Forms of Credentialing
Addiction Interventions & Care Services
Creative Resourcing in Immigration & Refugee Resettlement
Equitable Legal Rights & Representation
Disrupting Incentives in Human Trafficking Systems
New Solutions in Adoption & Foster Care
The Restoration of Wealth, Truth, and Power to African-Americans
Meaningful Interventions into Healthcare’s Quagmire
Designing the Hybrid Workplace for Human Flourishing
New Business Models for Investment Vehicles
Creative and Generous Ownership Structures
Entrepreneurship & Capital for Upward Mobility
Developing New Labor Models & “Good Jobs”
Activating Philanthropic Capital
Valuing Special Needs as a Gift to Society
Elevating the Status & Care of Our Elders
The Renewal of Civic Engagement
Grace-Led Approaches to Anti-Racism
Rethinking Mission & Discipleship in the “Post-Christian” West
Decentralization, Privacy, and Property Rights Through the Blockchain
Large-Scale Innovation for Environmental Stewardship
Third Way Approaches to Polarization
Manufacturing & Supply Chain Ethics in Fashion
Redemptive Storytelling & Media
Interventions & Innovation in Global Shelter
Renewing the Neighborhood
Reversing the Mental Health Crisis
Managing Technology in Everyday Life
Christian Ethics & Presence in Frontier Technologies
Preventing War & Reversing its Consequences
Building Virtue-Driven Consumer Brands
Redemptive Design in the Built Environment
Enriching the Family from Dating to Parenting
Developing Aspiring Venture Investors of Color

Nothing is stronger than a community investing in itself.

Helping Kids Be Captivated By Life, Not Screens

Connecting and equipping families who want to raise kids with healthy screen habits.

Inclusive Insurance for Emerging Markets

Healthcare microinsurance and credit through mobile tech in east Africa.

Connecting Communities of Color to Opportunities in Innovation

Free classes in coding, entrepreneurship, and design to communities of color.

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