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The Renewal of Civic Engagement


Despite constant media attention and social platforms that drive preoccupation with the political sphere in the US, the next generation’s interest in vocational engagement in civic affairs is waning. We need organizations to create vision and pathways for character-driven, service-oriented leaders who can contribute directly to the renewal of the public square, ensuring that we are not left primarily with candidates and leaders only interested in their own power and self-interest. The more that citizens feel they contribute to civic outcomes for others’ interests as well as their own, the healthier our society will be.

We're interested in ventures using technology platforms to engage the next generation, creative endeavors that de-escalate partisan warfare, and formation-driven, community-based approaches that put citizens at the center of the political process rather than being mere voting blocs. Further, there are opportunities for organizations to disrupt major process flaws in the political architecture, such as campaign finance reform and corporate-industrial subsidies.

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