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There are many areas where the poor and marginalized fail to experience the ethical intent and effect of otherwise well-intentioned and well-constructed systems. The American justice system is one of these. Our system—in which everyone has a right to defend themselves legally and be considered innocent until proven guilty—works for those who can afford quality representation. But many cannot. As Bryan Stevenson has said of the American criminal justice system, the hard truth is that too often, defendants are better off being “guilty and rich than innocent and poor.”

We’re interested in new ventures that help address shortages in education, create new pathways to courtroom representation, and open access to quality, affordable legal services. Moreover, there continue to be myriad opportunities for lawyer-entrepreneurs to advocate for justice in a variety of communities and causes.


Praxis Ventures

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Restoring Justice

exists to ensure that every accused poor person in America receives love, care, and their rightful representation (Drew Willey, Nonprofit 2022).

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Open Door Legal

is pioneering the country's first system of universal access to legal assistance, offering free legal services to those in low-income circumstances in the San Francisco area (Adrian Tirtanadi, Nonprofit 2016).

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Justice Defenders

equips prisoners and prison officers to facilitate legal processes through legal education and training. They practice across Africa in underrepresented contexts (Alexander McLean, Nonprofit 2017).

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