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More and more people may feel like urban nomads, but few things affect us more throughout our lives than the neighborhoods where we live. A global pandemic made us acutely aware of our reliance on our local communities and their economies—and a global reckoning with injustice highlighted the geographical divides between classes and often ethnicities. Where there is generational poverty and unemployment there is almost always violence, conflict, and hopelessness. And where there is gentrification and displacement, there is disillusionment and frustration.

We’re interested in ventures that enter into the messy relational particularities of these issues, often working cross-culturally in neighborhoods to create new opportunities through public/private partnerships, community-focused spaces, thoughtful real estate development, job creation, localized education, greenspace development, and more.


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Life Remodeled

repurposes vacant school buildings into one-stop hubs of opportunity for entire families to thrive, filling them with the best and brightest nonprofit and for-profit entrepreneurs (Chris Lambert, Nonprofit 2017).

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partners with local bookstore café operators to launch member-driven community hubs in their neighborhoods, powered by digital commerce tools and free home delivery (Jonathan Robinson, Business 2022).

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A House on Beekman

is building a seamless series of programs from birth to career to empower the next generation of the South Bronx to reach their full potential (Sara Miller, Nonprofit 2014).

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