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Redemptive Design in the Built Environment


The built environment is optimized to profit from the individual tenant, buyer, or guest who is able to pay the market amount. Through construction efficiencies and financial incentives, and by leveraging new ideas such as the centrality of the nuclear family or the productive value of cubicle office plans, capitalism has been incredibly effective at creating large amounts of usable square feet.

Nevertheless, we face considerable challenges that may not be addressed by these single-bottom-line models. These include a woeful lack of affordable housing, construction techniques with massive environmental externalities, designs that optimize for inward-facing home life but fail to encourage relationships among households and neighborhoods, and urban planning that separates the haves and have-nots.

We’re interested in real estate-driven ventures and projects that bring a redemptive imagination to the use of our physical space, making the most of opportunities to reimagine life together through place-based design, reinvent materials usage for sustainability, and create distinct living environments that bring different demographics together.

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