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Creative Resourcing in Immigration & Refugee Resettlement


Not only are they the unwilling subjects of hatred at home and suspicion at their destination, refugees and immigrants face some of the most disorienting experiences that humans can have. Often in a matter of days or weeks, their reality shifts from relative safety to catastrophic risk as they fly from peril or strike out in hope of something new.

Instead of just policy debates, we're interested in building ventures that actively help individual people and families going through these experiences, including transition safety, job provision, shelter, education and more. We’re also seeking ventures that help refugees and immigrants adapt and contribute to a new culture without losing their own.


Praxis Ventures

Ventures within the Praxis community working on this ORI.

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Path United

is a community and youth development organization that seeks to disrupt the cycle of generational poverty in low-income mobile home parks that are home to mostly Mexican immigrant families (Jim Hollandsworth & Melinda Hollandsworth, Nonprofit 2016).

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Liberty in North Korea

Hannah Song (Nonprofit 2013) assists North Korean refugees to China, helping them escape through a 3,000 mile modern-day “Underground Railroad,” then provides support in their new lives once they have resettled in South Korea or the United States.

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Launch Capital

employs creative business solutions that promote self-reliance and the integration of refugees and immigrants into their new communities. They are built on the investment hypothesis that refugees and immigrants are stable and highly desirable residential tenants (Jimmy Wright & Michael Hall, Business 2022).

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HoPe (Hispanic Organization Promoting Education)

seeks to increase the graduation rate of Hispanic high school students through leadership, education, and community service (David Araya & Angela Hurtado, Nonprofit 2017).

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