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Infrastructure Building in Developing Economies


Relief and development is a massive worldwide industry, albeit conducted on a nonprofit basis, while “bottom of the pyramid” strategies have been attractive to multinational companies looking to radically expand their user base through products and services that are accessible to low-income individuals and families. As important as these strategies are, neither is likely to generate long-term growth in countries with below-average GDP.

Instead, the greatest opportunities for social impact in developing contexts will come from infrastructure that allows for more infrastructure— systems that encourage businesses to create jobs, health systems to provide a higher baseline of care, and governments to root out corruption.

We're interested in ventures with a scalable view of infrastructure creation. Much has been done through microfinance and banking over the past few decades, but more is possible. As worldwide payment systems modernize, health care systems improve, and technology offers opportunities to leapfrog broken Western systems, opportunities abound.

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