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Praxis Academy is a global launchpad for redemptive entrepreneurship.

Sarah and Hudson
Our experiences help people at various life stages learn, discern, and design their way toward launching new ventures, developing ecosystems, or contributing to a venture as a team member or board member.

Since launching Praxis Academy in 2014, we have had the honor of serving over 1,600 people through our programs.

This year, we have designed programs for early-stage founders and ideators, high-capacity team members looking to work within an already existing venture, and leaders of entrepreneurial ecosystems. Each program is designed to deepen your redemptive imagination and practice in the context of a global community.

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2022 Praxis Academy

For 2022, we’re offering four experiences that are uniquely suited to people at various inflection points in their pursuit of redemptive venture building. 

Academy Venture is for ‘pre-seed’ and idea-stage founders seeking to create a vision and strategy for a redemptive venture. The experience starts in person at the Academy Week and continues with a six-session, live-virtual program.

Academy Ecosystem is for high-capacity leaders seeking to run a Praxis Local Lab to develop a venture-building community in their context. The experience starts in person at the Academy Week and continues with a six-session, live-virtual program, plus coaching as you launch your first Praxis Local Lab.

Academy Vocation is for builders seeking to develop redemptive imagination and entrepreneurial capacity to prepare them for their next career inflection point as a venture founder, funder, team member, or board member. The experience includes the Academy Week, plus future opportunities to apply for placement at a redemptive venture or complete the Venture or Ecosystem programs.

Academy Core is for emerging and experienced entrepreneurs and builders seeking to discover a vibrant community of redemptive ideas, ventures, and opportunities. The experience takes place over three in-person days at the start of the Academy Week.

Praxis Academy applications are open from April 1 to May 25, 2022, for programs that begin August 1 with our in-person Academy Week held in Los Angeles, CA. See program pages for more detail.

2022 Praxis Academy Programs

What Academy offers

During their participation in the Academy, Praxis supports emerging and experienced entrepreneurs and builders in five critical areas.

As a young leader taking over a generational family business, Praxis has played a transformational role in equipping me to pursue redemptive entrepreneurship within an established company. I truly consider many of my peers and mentors in this community to be lifetime friends.

Christian Lee

Head of Operations

2019 Academy, Emerging Founder program

I'm so grateful for my time at Praxis Academy. It was such an encouragement to see other believers around the world doing exciting, hard, innovative, and redemptive work. I am filled with so much hope!

Sydney Foster

Senior Development Officer

I learned how it is not always enough to be ethical but can be necessary to go as far as sacrifice to participate in the work of God. I will now look for situations to practice sacrifice so that we all win.

El Pacific Miyisa Binagha

VP, Committee for Justice and Unity // Democractic Republic of Congo

2020 Academy Core

Ellen Choi
I'm honestly awed that the Redemptive Frame exists. Ethical entrepreneurship already seemed a lofty goal, and I almost tricked myself into thinking I was a good person for convincing my business partner to pursue it with me, when Praxis came into my life quite suddenly. It really is going to be a lifelong exercise, and I'm thankful God showed me how to fully integrate the spiritual into work.

Ellen Choi

Strategy & Operations Consultant

2020 Academy Venture

I was thrilled to have several leaders in our business attend Academy 2020. Their experience has exceeded my wildest expectations. It has led to rich internal dialogue, and provided them the framework to think more rigorously and creatively about how our business practices might be more redemptive.

Bob Caldwell, Jr.

President, Grace Management Group

Academy Partner, Nonprofit Mentor

I'm grateful for my Praxis experiences because they've given me language and a community to enrich my understanding of how ventures can play a redemptive part in the world. I've been empowered to explore ways I can contribute to this work.

Enoma Osakue


2017 Academy, Emerging Founder program

Daniel Kwik
Thank you for helping me transform how I view my vocation and exploration in business and entrepreneurship. I'm humbled by the posture this organization takes, and am astounded by the community you have developed. I'm very proud to be a part of Praxis, and often find myself talking about Praxis to my friends around the world.

Daniel Kwik

Founder, Redemption Looms

2020 Academy Core

2022 Praxis Academy

Feels Like
Format & Time Investment

Academy Venture

For pre-seed or idea-stage founders

Create a redemptive vision and strategy for your new venture

Core Event + Intensive course in venture building, applied to your startup

In-person 5-day Academy Week + 25 virtual hours over 6 weeks

$1295 (+ $700 for 2nd founder)

Academy Ecosystem

For high-capacity builders seeking to develop a venture-building community in their context

Activate your venture-building community by running a Praxis Local Lab

Core Event + Guided tour of Praxis’s ecosystem building approach + Local Lab experience

In-person 5-day Academy Week + 25 virtual hours over 6 weeks

$1295 (+ $700 for 2nd builder)

Academy Vocation

For entrepreneurial builders at a career inflection point

Develop an imaginative roadmap for your entrepreneurial vocation

Core Event + Vision-shaping workshops with personal application

In-person 5-day Academy Week


Academy Core

For any emerging or experienced entrepreneurial builder

Deepen your imagination and formation in redemptive entrepreneurship

A high-energy, immersive event with global entrepreneurial peers

In-person Academy Week (first 3 days)


Academy Venture
Academy Ecosystem
Academy Vocation
Academy Core

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