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Despite the United States’ distinctive ethos of philanthropy (shaped strongly by Christianity), the emergence of The Giving Pledge, and the proliferation of enormous charitable foundations, Americans still give an average of just around 2% of GDP to charitable causes. To be sure, a variety of factors contribute to this stagnation: media-driven visions of the good life, Mammon’s hold on our hearts, and doubts about tax-exempt organizations’ ability to make a real difference. Even in an era where organizations like charity:water and social giving platforms have brought sophisticated marketing to major causes, Americans rarely demonstrate anything close to genuinely sacrificial giving.

We are interested in ventures thinking creatively about reducing “generosity friction” in people’s hearts, minds, and wallets. Not only will this help particular causes, it could also transform the spirit of the age: as the saying goes, “you’ve never met an angry, bitter, generous person.”


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is nonprofit CRM software that helps charities develop deeper relationships, raise more money, inspire more action, and create more good (Gabe Cooper, Business 2016).

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is a community platform connecting those in need with those willing to help (Blake Canterbury, Nonprofit 2021).

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Impact Atlas

offers a real-time technology platform bringing strategy, metrics, and hope to mission-driven leaders who want to create lasting change at scale (Chantal Buard, Business 2021).

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provides simple donor-advised funds to consumers and workplace employees as a benefit (Stephen Kump & Jon Koon, Nonprofit 2017; now structured as a business).

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