How We Work

An Employee-Obsessed Culture of Generosity

Everclean's Praxis Showcase pitch.

How We Work

An Employee-Obsessed Culture of Generosity

Everclean's Praxis Showcase pitch.




Note: since Thomas Kim’s participation in the Accelerator program as a Business Fellow, he has changed the name of his venture from Everwash to Everclean.

Everclean is on a mission to make people feel good about their cars, always. How? By simplifying and modernizing the car wash experience. By being environmentally conscious — cleaner cars, greener world. By caring for their employees. Everclean unashamedly pursues the enrichment of the “working class” through Kingdom principles: 1) holistic apprenticeship/relationship, 2) game-changing opportunity (i.e., they hope to be a form of “Jubilee” to some families), and 3) thoughtful work that reflects a piece of the glory of God.

Thomas Kim is currently an entrepreneur and independent investor with a focus on real estate and small businesses with high growth strategies. While Managing Partner of Cedar Street Companies, Thomas helped capture distressed real estate following the financial collapse by implementing a branded, hotel strategy in the multifamily middle-market. His proudest accomplishment is raising three teenage foster children. Thomas’ hobbies include any sport under the sun (except long-distance running), motorcycles, hunting, and high-fiber breakfast. He has an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Redemptive Edge Essay

Remember the euphoria you felt when driving off the dealership lot with that new car? With all the car brands, models, colors, and options out there, you decided “This is the one is for me!” Fast forward some years: you don’t feel that same way. Your car has turned into more of a tool that helps you get the job done. But what if you could feel good about your car, always?

At Everclean, through our monthly unlimited plans, we rejuvenate people’s relationships with their cars. Cars go from being mostly dirty and sometimes clean — to mostly clean and only sometimes dirty. When their car is shiny, they’re reminded of their car’s appeal and why they chose it in the first place. “Love your car again” is the message we send to our customers.

We believe this reinforces a much-needed message of contentment: Rather than striving toward the next new car, appreciate what you have all over again. Rather than getting what you want, relearn to want what you have.

Our customers are also touched through a culture of generosity. In an industry that tends to “nickel and dime” customers, the first thing they hear at Everclean is “May I offer you a complimentary air freshener?” They’re also surprised by unlimited amenities such as dash wipes and drying cloths.

What else draws in an Everclean customer? Consumers gravitate to our visuals and messaging because we feel like a world-class consumer products brand. Memorable customer experiences are created through professional service by people who enjoy their jobs. Customers get in and out in 3 minutes with a cleaner car, made possible through updated technology.

We’ve designed Everclean from the ground up for our customers. Yet even more than being a customer-obsessed culture, we are an employee-obsessed culture.

For example, many customers are surprised to find we don’t accept tips. In our view, generosity fosters a non-transactional possibility amidst a transaction. Since we don’t accept tips, the office is often stocked with snack bars, apples, pizza, donuts — all dropped off by regular customers. We have helped reframe how they think about our employees and how they can creatively show their appreciation in ways other than money.

Our position on tipping is one of many points of integration between our customer experience and our social mission to “Enrich the lives of the working class through holistic mentorship & opportunity.” We do this through “The Master Plan,” our training and development program. It’s modeled after the Jesus’ relational discipleship of the Twelve and Paul’s training mandate to Timothy: “What you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men, who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim 2:2).

This training program integrates “Doing Competencies” and “Being Competencies” in the context of relationship. We believe fulfillment comes when who you are is connected with what you do, and you’re growing in both dimensions alongside others.

This life-on-life approach to professional mentorship results in greater fulfillment, more thorough development, and faster growth. We like to say, “Give more, expect more.”

One result of all we do: within 18 months, someone can go from making $9 per hour to $69,000 with 100% medical coverage, running a site, managing a P&L, and leading a team.

Everclean can deliver on these customer and employee promises because it’s a great business. The opportunity for employees exists precisely because of each site’s performance. Membership counts and customer reviews are among the highest in the industry, drawing investors and banks to fuel expansion. We frequently tell our employees, “We’re growing quickly and so can you.”

For every employee who is committed to stay with Everclean 25 years, we aim to co-own a site with that employee, and let that serve as the game-changing economic opportunity for him/her, his family, and the next generation, serving as a modern expression of the Year of Jubilee.


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