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New Business Models for Investment Vehicles


Contemporary structures for placing investment capital are both effective and in need of reform. Equity-holding, market-return-creating, liquidity-driven investment capital has driven innovation while creating inordinate pressure upon teams of small startups and public companies alike. These companies (and their investors) feel pressure to overstate their impact, minimize their deficiencies, and characterize other companies primarily as foes to be vanquished. We’re interested in new investment mechanisms that mitigate this unproductive pressure without sacrificing execution and excellence.

We imagine ventures and funds that sit along the spectrum between personally backed small business loans and high-growth, exit-oriented venture capital, allowing for access to capital and long-term private ownership for businesses of varying sizes and time horizons. The challenge is to honor the stakes of both investor and entrepreneur. Solutions may include new debt mechanisms, pools of capital amongst entrepreneurs, or permanent capital placement with creative liquidity approaches.


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Impact Foundation

has built a streamlined way to fund transformational businesses using the donor-advised fund (DAF), unlocking the potential for billions of dollars in dormant resources to be used as patient capital to enterprises with a variety of return profiles (Jeff Johns & Aimee Minnich, Nonprofit 2016).

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