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Amidst the great wealth creation of the industrial revolution and information age, millions of marginalized people still struggle with basic subsistence and safety at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy. As with all such basic needs, shelter is a category of great complexity, shortages, and resistance to innovation. What’s more, the challenges of affordability for the “least of these” intersect with other complex issues such as homelessness, mental health, eviction, property rights, and migration.

We’re interested in ventures taking non-traditional approaches to these massive issues—including but not limited to areas like technology, materials, supply chain, governance, and business and incentive models.


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provides smart wallets specifically designed for people without a stable home (Jonathan Kumar & Jason Keil, Business 2018).

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New Story

pioneers solutions to build human-centered communities around the world, led by innovations in community-led design, construction methods, and fundraising (Brett Hagler, Nonprofit 2017).

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has introduced economically sustainable and scalable programs that eliminate homelessness due to nonpayment eviction in Massachusetts, for families with subsidies as well as the working poor (Matt Pritchard, Nonprofit 2018).

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Every Shelter

aims to relieve suffering and grow resiliency for those displaced by war, persecution, and disaster through the design, creation, and delivery of shelter products, beginning with durable floor and roofing solutions (Scott Key, Nonprofit 2021).

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