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Every Shelter

Scott Key

Nonprofit 2021

A small group discussion at Labs Team Training in New York City.

We are thrilled with the momentum we have experienced over the last 18 months with our Labs initiative, and we eagerly watch as our flywheel continues to gain velocity as more Labs Teams are trained. These teams are adapting our products, tools, and principles to spark entrepreneurial activity in their communities, such as nesting Labs into adjacent real estate ventures in Indianapolis and Austin, boosting existing entrepreneurial programs for Black and brown founders in St. Louis, dubbing teaching videos in Mongolia, extending the entrepreneurial footprint of a multi-site New Zealand seminary, stacking multiple Labs and a founder showcase to form a full tech accelerator in Singapore, and wrapping Labs into retreats and capital-focused gatherings in Oklahoma City.

To date, we’ve trained 51 Labs Teams and supported 21 Labs hosted globally. We’re on track to train 18 more teams by the end of 2024, serving an additional 225 founders in their local contexts.

Along the way, we’ve found opportunities for 3-day Labs to be supported by new products to power ecosystem building. We also aim to deepen our consultative support for licensed leaders seeking to evolve toward a multi-Lab accelerator model of full-featured, self-supporting, venture-building ecosystems.

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