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Organizing to address the major issues of our time.

Every Shelter

Scott Key

Nonprofit 2021

A discussion at an ORI Forum in New York City.

Through the Studio, we develop ventures, community, and content to address the major issues of our time.

This year, we were thrilled to begin partnerships with two Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) to launch collaborative communities focusing on specific ORIs:

For each ORI, we invited approximately 20 leaders in the sector to our headquarters in New York City for an ORI Forum that included discussion, new venture ideation, and resource sharing. Based on the takeaways, we are currently developing an ORI Thesis to serve as a backbone resource for each group’s future work.

The intent of each Thesis is to express redemptive possibilities for the ORI, shifting the vision of existing ventures and sparking new ones. We also see them as live documents, updating as the thinking evolves, and we look forward to sharing them more broadly as they take shape.

In addition to ORI Forums, we’ve hosted 25 guests at two Discovery Sessions, as well as 12 ventures across three Design Sessions. It’s a joy to come alongside our community members as they discern next steps at critical inflection points. We look forward to continuing to build the Studio as the place for our community to dream, be vulnerable, and make new friendships as we pursue creative new solutions for our world.

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