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Every Shelter

Scott Key

Nonprofit 2021

Restore accepts a 2024 Presidential Award for Combating Human Trafficking in Washington, DC.

It’s a joy to celebrate with founders as they mark key moments in the life of their ventures.

  • The Wheely-X, a cardio fitness solution for wheelchair users from KANGSTERS (Tyrion Kim and John Cho, Business 2024), received an AccessABILITY Award, which recognizes products with the potential to unlock new skills and abilities for those living with a wide variety of conditions.
  • IMPACT FOUNDATION (Jeff Johns and Aimee Minnich, Nonprofit 2016) marked the milestone of investing $500M in charitable capital in companies aiming to create economic, social, and spiritual transformation.
  • RESTORE (Jimmy Lee, Nonprofit 2014) received a 2024 Presidential Award for Combating Human Trafficking as one of the top two organizations in the US that are making extraordinary efforts in this critical work.
  • TELUNAS RESORTS (Michael Schubert and Mark Tovell, Business 2019) marked 20 years of operation since their founding in 2004, growing from a small, family-run eco-resort to multiple socially responsible resorts focused on providing unforgettable experiences for guests and bringing sustainable positive impact to the surrounding communities.
  • Congratulations to ventures who introduced new products and models this year, including: AVAIL NYC (Chris Whitford, Nonprofit 2021) with the launch of Better Clarity, a support tool for men and women experiencing unexpected pregnancy; and SOMA GAMES (Chris Skaggs, Business 2014) with the release of two new Redwall games that incorporate artistic beauty, technical excellence, and a latent Christian worldview in the stories and mechanics.

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