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Every Shelter

Scott Key

Nonprofit 2021

A breakout discussion at the Capital Fellowship 2024 event in New York.

The Redemptive Investing and Redemptive Philanthropy playbooks, both introduced at the 2023 Summit, have anchored our discussions for a range of capital formation programs, including the Capital Fellowship, capital-focused Labs, and capital design sessions.

Now in its second year, the 2024 Capital Fellowship program includes investors and philanthropists who are pursuing a range of missional objectives, such as disrupting incentives in human trafficking, investing in outdoor wellness companies that inspire adventure and wonder, and building leadership capacity in gender, race, and disability rights. We look forward to continuing the Capital Fellowship program as a premier formation experience for redemptive funders.

The concept of a redemptive quest has activated funders in our community and led to an increased emphasis on “thesis-driven funding” aimed at the major issues of our time. Funders who are moving toward redemptive quests also report that they experience flourishing in other parts of their life, such as improved alignment with family on where and how to sacrificially steward capital.

Our Praxis Capital team facilitated more than 50 introductions with funders and our Portfolio of entrepreneurs, which contributed to $22M+ placed by our community in our Portfolio in 2023. We plan to increase support for our funding community through Studio projects—to help them design their funding thesis and unlock capital around particular Opportunities for Redemptive Imagination that match their quest.

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