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Scott Key

Nonprofit 2021

Community Dinner at the 2023 Summit in Napa, CA.

Since 2017, we’ve taken great joy in convening around what redemptive entrepreneurship can be. In 2023, we introduced the idea of a redemptive quest, and it’s galvanizing our community to choose good, hard work. We’re looking forward to continuing to explore that concept together.

We always enjoy sharing meals, showcasing the current cohorts of Portfolio Fellows and ventures, and exchanging ideas. Last year, we piloted several new ways for Summit guests to learn and collaborate:

  • About Praxis: an introductory session centered around core Praxis concepts and resources that anchor our community’s work. In 2024, we’re hosting the Praxis Primer, an interactive workshop building on these core concepts, with a focus on personal application before engaging at the Summit.
  • Emerging Founders: a cohort of next-generation entrepreneurs invited to attend the Summit as our community’s guests, joining regular programming and participating in unique opportunities to interact with Praxis Fellows and Mentors
  • ORI Dinners: a venue for small-group discussion and collaboration around Opportunities for Redemptive Imagination and common areas of energy
  • Technology-driven experiences: including a redemptive chatbot, a chance to try new eReaders from SOL (Business 2022), and a scannable community library of books written by attendees

When we gather in person, we’re reminded of how refreshing and restorative it is to be together. We’re grateful for the chance to build redemptively as a Praxis community.

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