Flaire is transforming the way we see and explore the world. Trip planning—or even planning what to do in your own city—requires extensive work. We pour hours into online research, scouring reviews, blogs, and social media posts to find the best options of where to eat, where to stay, and what to do. Still, we don't know who to trust, so we keep searching for validation—or worse, give up and never take the trip. Flaire is changing the game. Flaire leverages machine learning, social relationships, and network effects to build the next gen travel guide and #1 place to discover, curate, and share your experiences. Through the platform, you build your ultimate library of places you’ve been and want to go, pre-vetted by friends and other travelers like you. By connecting people and places, Flaire furthers its mission of making the world more approachable and travel more accessible and relational for all.


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Business 2022
Atlanta, GA
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