Venture Lab

a startup studio working with founders & funders to launch "redemptive moonshot" ventures.

Entrepreneurs-in-Residence present their ventures at the Redemptive Imagination Summit in Tarrytown, NY.
The Praxis Venture Lab is a startup studio that originates a small number of “redemptive moonshots” in collaboration with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and investment and philanthropic funding partners from the Praxis Capital community.

With a particular interest in starting ventures oriented toward large-scale change or "prophetic experiments," our work is guided by thematic areas that we believe are particularly important for how the world goes forward in the decades to come, including our evolving list of Opportunities for Redemptive Innovation (ORIs).

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In our process, we run a founder search to find an Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) with a deep interest in the same missional objective, and work closely with them to build a venture toward launch. In most projects, a financial partner who shares a passion for the area of interest supports the exploratory stage of the concept. 

Stay tuned in 2021 for more information on future projects, and if you’re interested in partnering with us as an entrepreneur or funding partner, please indicate your interest on the ORI form.
Praxis is an organic, thriving community of radical believers committed to restoring God’s vision for commerce in our present times—and it has been the catalyst for a growing movement of redemptive entrepreneurs throughout rural, marginalized communities in Asia.

Melody Murray

Co-Founder & Executive Director, JoyCorps

2019 Venture Lab EIR

Jessica Kim
Being an EIR in the Venture Lab was unlike any other startup formation process I've been through before. This is my third venture from scratch—but here I built the foundations of our venture by exploring the history, culture, and dynamics of caregiving, with a brilliant PhD scholar, a spiritual director, and expert mentors. It also played a significant role in my healing and intent as a founder.

Jessica Kim

Founder, BabbaCo; Founder, ianacare

2018 Venture Lab EIR


Peter Court

2021 Entrepreneur-in-Residence

examples from the lab


Tether is a new digital platform leveraging technology to develop spiritually mature and deeply connected Christians. We believe that the regular practice of spiritual disciplines with others leads to flourishing and spiritual maturity over time.


Leighton Cusack

2019 Entrepreneur-in-Residence

examples from the lab


PoolTogether is an Ethereum application that makes saving money as fun as a game. Customers join a pool by buying a “savings ticket”—each savings ticket giving them a chance to win a prize—but even if they don’t win, they keep all their money. PoolTogether lets people have the best of both worlds: saving money and the chance to win a prize.
Praxis Labs | Jessica Kim


Jessica Kim

2018 Entrepreneur-in-Residence

examples from the lab


ianacare is a virtual care team for caregivers of people enduring prolonged illnesses. While caregivers are undeniably the invisible backbone of the healthcare system, they lack adequate structures of support. Our AI-powered care manager, “iana,” helps caregivers navigate the complexities of caregiving by providing much-needed coordination, on-demand clinical and non-clinical guidance, and community with other caregivers.


Stay tuned in 2021 for more information on future projects, and if you’re interested in working with us as an entrepreneur or funding partner, please indicate your interest on the ORI form.