Praxis Academy

Communal learning experiences for putting faith into action through work.

Sarah and Hudson
Praxis Academy participants listening to venture pitches during an Idea Night session.

Since launching Praxis Academy in 2014, we’ve had the honor of serving over 1,000 people seeking to pursue redemptive action as they set out on their work life. They’ve come from well over 200 colleges and universities and more than 30 countries.

For 2021, we’ve designed a new Praxis Academy to welcome builders, innovators and entrepreneurs all the way from college and graduate school to a decade into their career. The program develops imagination, vision, and capacity for redemptive action across multiple sectors and industries.

Applications are open March 15 – May 1, 2021.

Applications launch with Praxis Academy Activate on March 15, a free livestream event that will serve as a preview of the new programs. Read on for more information and registration.



All are welcome to join Activate to learn about the new Academy programs and applying redemptive action to Business, Nonprofit, Investing, or Vocation as a whole. Our Academy Faculty—including Andy Crouch, Dave Blanchard, Jena Lee Nardella, Peter Greer, Jessica Kim, Donna Harris, and more—will be leading sessions and connecting with participants.

Registration is open to anyone interested, including college and graduate students, as well as early- to mid-career professionals—whether or not you are currently an entrepreneur.

We also welcome those interested in bringing vocational training on redemptive action to your context through our RE/frame experiences, including school faculty/staff, pastors, mission and ministry workers, business and nonprofit leaders, or startup ecosystem builders.

Monday, March 15, 2021
5:00-7:00PM EDT (UTC -4h)

2021 Academy Programs

This year, Praxis is offering multiple course and track options uniquely suited to people at various stages of their career, interested in applying redemptive action to multiple sectors and industries. 

Academy 2021 is for builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who are in the early- to mid-stage of their career and who want to pursue redemptive action in their work and life. 

Participants will choose one of four Courses, where they will apply the redemptive framework in a specific area: Business, Investing, Nonprofit, or Vocation. 

There are optional add-on tracks for those currently building a venture or wanting to explore the redemptive edges of a particular industry. 

Academy 2021 will convene through a series of live virtual events over 8 weeks, starting with the Kickoff event June 17-18 and ending with the Capstone event August 6-8, with Course and mentoring sessions in between. 

Check back for the full program announcement and details coming in March. In the meantime, please register for Activate, which will be held on March 15—the day that applications open. 

During Activate, you’ll hear firsthand about the new program and Course options and personally connect with the faculty who will be leading the redemptive Business, Nonprofit, Investing, and Vocation courses, as well as the Venture and Industry tracks.

What participants gain

You'll grow as a leader. You'll be learning from dozens of Academy Faculty and Mentors—wise leaders with expertise in strategy, operations, and leadership. Each course and track's mentors are selected based on their experience across various sectors and industries.

You'll develop a personal playbook for redemptive action over the long haul. Ideas are just abstractions until they make their way into your imagination and practices. Because the goal is to turn your faith into action, you'll regularly discuss and apply the principles and practices of redemptive entrepreneurship in wide-ranging aspects of your work. By the end of the program, you'll have a personal playbook to guide your habits, practices, commitments and decision-making.

You'll contribute to a life-giving peer community and open up opportunities for career advancement. From start to finish, you're part of an Action Group—a diverse group of peers on a similar vocational journey as you. You'll go further by going together and be led by an alumni who has already been working to put these ideas to practice. You'll have access to a private community platform to share advice, jobs, and connections. And you'll get a special designation on the Praxis Talent Network, which includes a private job board of all the opportunities in our venture portfolio around the globe.

Program Cycle

Academy is anchored by its two large-format events, Kickoff and Capstone, with weekly module sessions (shorter live virtual events where leading practitioners share frameworks, lessons, and advice) in between. For 2021, all events will be held virtually.

Over the course of the program, Participants will learn from 30+ leading practitioners. Additionally, those in the Industry and Venture add-on tracks will meet a half-dozen mentors with deep expertise in relevant topic areas. They will interact in a curated small-group setting and receive individual 1:1 mentoring.

Participants also benefit from the community they build in their weekly Action Groups—curated small groups led by Alumni of the program. They encourage and challenge one another, provide feedback on ideas, and open up networks for future opportunities. 
At the Capstone Event, Participants will put the finishing touches on their personal playbook: a plan for how their practices and decision-making will move toward the redemptive edge in their career or venture.

March 15 – May 1

3/15-4/1: Priority
4/1-4/15: Open
4/16-5/1: LATE

June 17-18

KICKOFF Event      


June 24 - August 1

weekly COURSE 
MENTORING EVENTS              


August 6-8


Livestream with regional host sites

One invaluable way that Praxis has impacted me is the rich language that filled my imagination. These new ideas helped to articulate and fill in the gaps that existed deep in my soul. The precious wisdom I gained from expert speakers, the vulnerable conversations I had with my action group, and the new relationships I built there will be a sacred memory for me.

Priscilla Kim

Student, Biola University

2020 Academy Core

As a young leader taking over a generational family business, Praxis has played a transformational role in equipping me to pursue redemptive entrepreneurship within an established company. I truly consider many of my peers and mentors in this community to be lifetime friends.

Christian Lee

Head of Operations

2019 Academy, Emerging Founder program

Ellen Choi
I'm honestly awed that the Redemptive Frame exists. Ethical entrepreneurship already seemed a lofty goal, and I almost tricked myself into thinking I was a good person for convincing my business partner to pursue it with me, when Praxis came into my life quite suddenly. It really is going to be a lifelong exercise, and I'm thankful God showed me how to fully integrate the spiritual into work.

Ellen Choi

Strategy & Operations Consultant

2020 Academy Venture

I'm grateful for my Praxis experiences because they've given me language and a community to enrich my understanding of how ventures can play a redemptive part in the world. I've been empowered to explore ways I can contribute to this work.

Enoma Osakue


2017 Academy, Emerging Founder program

I was thrilled to have several leaders in our business attend Academy 2020. Their experience has exceeded my wildest expectations. It has led to rich internal dialogue, and provided them the framework to think more rigorously and creatively about how our business practices might be more redemptive.

Bob Caldwell, Jr.

President, Grace Management Group

Academy Partner, Nonprofit Mentor

I learned how it is not always enough to be ethical but can be necessary to go as far as sacrifice to participate in the work of God. I will now look for situations to practice sacrifice so that we all win.

El Pacific Miyisa Binagha

VP, Committee for Justice and Unity // Democractic Republic of Congo

2020 Academy Core

Daniel Kwik
Thank you for helping me transform how I view my vocation and exploration in business and entrepreneurship. I'm humbled by the posture this organization takes, and am astounded by the community you have developed. I'm very proud to be a part of Praxis, and often find myself talking about Praxis to my friends around the world.

Daniel Kwik

Founder, Redemption Looms

2020 Academy Core

Applying for Academy

Applications for summer 2021 Academy programs open March 15.

In the meantime, we're eager to get to know you. Share a bit about yourself and you'll be the first to know when applications open.

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