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Praxis Academy participants listening to venture pitches during an Idea Night session.

Since launching Praxis Academy in 2014, we’ve had the honor of serving over 1,600 people seeking to pursue redemptive action in their life and work.

For 2022, we're designing several Academy programs for early-stage founders, venture team members, and leaders of entrepreneurial ecosystems to deepen their redemptive imagination in the context of a global community. We'll announce our new programs in January - February 2022. Sign up here if you'd like to be the first to know about the new programs. In the meantime, explore what we offered in the 2021 Academy below.

Explore the ACADEMY

2021 Praxis Academy

This year, Praxis Academy has multiple Course and Track options uniquely suited to people at various stages of their career.

Courses are 6-week virtual offerings for builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs in the early- to mid-stage of their careers seeking to pursue redemptive action. Each participant in the Academy will choose one of four options for their main Course: Redemptive Business, Nonprofit, Investing, or Vocation.

Tracks are specialized mentorship experiences that any Academy participant can add on to their Course. Tracks are designed to help participants explore the redemptive edge of a particular industry or provide tactical guidance on building a venture. For 2021, we’re offering five add-on Tracks: Education, Media & Entertainment, Technology, Real Estate, and Venture Building.

Academy Courses and Tracks convene through a series of live virtual events over 9 weeks, starting with the kickoff event June 17-18 and ending with the Capstone event August 12-13, with weekly Course sessions and the Track-based mentoring events offered during a break week halfway through the Academy program.

What Academy offers

During their participation in the Academy, Praxis supports builders and entrepreneurs in five critical areas.

Academy Courses

Participants will choose one of four Courses, where they will apply the redemptive approach in a sector or area of work: Business, Investing, Nonprofit, or Vocation.

There are six sessions in a Course, each designed to dive deeper into one of the commitments from its respective Playbook. Participants will receive faculty-led teaching and engage in live Q&A, and have the opportunity to discuss and prototype the ideas within your own life and work in the company of a peer-based Action Group.

You can pair the Vocation Course with any of the sector-based Courses for a thicker program experience.


Thursdays from 3:00-4:30pm ET


Telling a consistent and integrated story to all stakeholders


Designing and delivering services based on proximity, collaboration, & impact


Advancing a healthy team culture that develops people for the long haul


Investing relationally in engaged, high-performance governance


Building truly mutual relationships with donors as whole persons


Developing the mindset of stewardship rather than ownership of the mission


Thursdays from 3:00-4:30pm ET


Designing products & services that genuinely benefit the world


Building brands that advance narratives of truth and hope


Advancing a team culture that develops people for the long haul

business model

Optimizing for sustainable & measurable value to all stakeholders


Constructing partnerships of mutuality, integrity, and high performance


Seeking first the good of others in every aspect of leadership


Thursdays from 3:00-4:30pm ET


Expressing the value we seek and add, in honest & differentiated terms


Pursuing meaningful risk to serve the flourishing of people, culture, & creation

deal & fund structures

Aligning interests and timing expectations with the entrepreneurs we back


Creating shared value &
earning trust with co-investors & capital sources


Serving & developing them as persons with unconditional worth


Developing the bedrock assurance that our identity rests in our own redemption

vocation course

Tuesdays from 3:00-4:30pm ET


Creating culture generates new possibilities for human experience


Believing our role is not to achieve restoration but to practice & point to it

we bless

Unlocking the unique possibilities for flourishing in those around us


Cultivating the truest & deepest source of inspiration & motivation

we sacrifice

Taking risks, bearing costs, forgoing privileges, and yielding our will for others


Going forth to act, risk, fail, succeed, & persist with joy in the face of uncertainty

Academy Tracks

There are optional add-on Tracks for those currently building a venture or wanting to explore the redemptive edge of the following industries: Education, Media & Entertainment, Technology, and Real Estate. These include two-day events that offer small-group mentoring with leading practitioners.

A student walks down an aisle in a libray.

redemptive education

In the Education track we’ll focus on the K-12, higher ed, and corporate sectors, exploring the trends in emerging institutions, and the possibilities and risks of tech-enabled learning.

A man is being filmed with the camera and viewfinder in the foreground.

redemptive media & ENTERTAINMENT

In the Media & Entertainment track we'll explore current industry trends and the opportunities for innovation across film, television, music, radio, and print.

Computer monitor showing lines of code.

redemptive technology

The Technology track will examine our human relationship with the digital environment and how the future of technology — including VR, data collection, and smart devices — can be redemptive.

A downtown city sky line.

redemptive real estate

The Real Estate track will explore the design of our modern cities through the lens of commercial and residential real estate, and how we might build at the redemptive edge of this industry.

Flat lay of a group of hands sketching and wire framing together.

redemptive venture Building

In the Venture Building track, we'll dive into the tactics of the venture creation process and how these same design principles contribute to innovation within existing organizations for the long haul.

As a young leader taking over a generational family business, Praxis has played a transformational role in equipping me to pursue redemptive entrepreneurship within an established company. I truly consider many of my peers and mentors in this community to be lifetime friends.

Christian Lee

Head of Operations

2019 Academy, Emerging Founder program

I'm grateful for my Praxis experiences because they've given me language and a community to enrich my understanding of how ventures can play a redemptive part in the world. I've been empowered to explore ways I can contribute to this work.

Enoma Osakue


2017 Academy, Emerging Founder program

I was thrilled to have several leaders in our business attend Academy 2020. Their experience has exceeded my wildest expectations. It has led to rich internal dialogue, and provided them the framework to think more rigorously and creatively about how our business practices might be more redemptive.

Bob Caldwell, Jr.

President, Grace Management Group

Academy Partner, Nonprofit Mentor

I'm so grateful for my time at Praxis Academy. It was such an encouragement to see other believers around the world doing exciting, hard, innovative, and redemptive work. I am filled with so much hope!

Sydney Foster

Senior Development Officer

I learned how it is not always enough to be ethical but can be necessary to go as far as sacrifice to participate in the work of God. I will now look for situations to practice sacrifice so that we all win.

El Pacific Miyisa Binagha

VP, Committee for Justice and Unity // Democractic Republic of Congo

2020 Academy Core

Ellen Choi
I'm honestly awed that the Redemptive Frame exists. Ethical entrepreneurship already seemed a lofty goal, and I almost tricked myself into thinking I was a good person for convincing my business partner to pursue it with me, when Praxis came into my life quite suddenly. It really is going to be a lifelong exercise, and I'm thankful God showed me how to fully integrate the spiritual into work.

Ellen Choi

Strategy & Operations Consultant

2020 Academy Venture

Daniel Kwik
Thank you for helping me transform how I view my vocation and exploration in business and entrepreneurship. I'm humbled by the posture this organization takes, and am astounded by the community you have developed. I'm very proud to be a part of Praxis, and often find myself talking about Praxis to my friends around the world.

Daniel Kwik

Founder, Redemption Looms

2020 Academy Core

Academy Faculty

What participants gain

You'll grow as a leader. You'll be learning from dozens of Academy Faculty and Mentors—wise leaders with expertise in strategy, operations, and leadership. Each Course and Track's faculty are selected based on their experience and redemptive leadership.

You'll develop a personal roadmap for redemptive action over the long haul. Ideas are just abstractions until they make their way into your imagination, your practices, and your specific context. Because the goal is to turn your faith into action, you'll regularly discuss and apply the principles and practices of redemptive entrepreneurship in wide-ranging aspects of your work. By the end of the program, you'll have a personal roadmap of what it means for you personally to be redemptive and how you intend to do it.

You'll contribute to a life-giving peer community and open up opportunities for career advancement. From start to finish, you're part of an Action Group—a diverse group of peers on a similar vocational journey as you. You'll have access to a private community Slack platform to share advice, jobs, and connections. And you'll get a special designation on the Praxis Talent Network, which includes a private job board of all the opportunities in our venture portfolio around the globe.

Program Timeline

The Academy is anchored by its two large-format events, Kickoff and Capstone, with weekly Course sessions (shorter live virtual events where leading practitioners share frameworks, lessons, and advice) in between.

Throughout the Academy experience, participants learn from 30+ leading practitioners. Additionally, those in add-on Tracks will meet a half-dozen additional mentors in a small group setting.

Participants also benefit from the community they build in their Action Groups—curated small groups led by a facilitator. They encourage and challenge one another, provide feedback on ideas, and open up networks for future opportunities.

At the Capstone Event, Participants will put the finishing touches on their personal roadmap: a plan for how their practices and decision-making will move toward the redemptive edge in their career or venture.

Academy's live sessions are of varying times— all thoughtfully curated and designed for the virtual format. See the full schedule here.

six course sessions

June 17 - 18

KICKOFF Event      


June 24

course session 1


July 12 - July 15

Track-based mentoring events


August 8

Course session 6


August 12 - 13



Who should apply?

We encourage early- to mid-career builders and entrepreneurs to apply for Academy, if you match one or more of these vocational profiles:

  • Established in a job and seeking to develop a vision for leadership and impact within your current industry
  • In vocational transition and considering other industries, types of organizations, or types of roles
  • Currently leading a venture
  • Considering starting a venture as a founder 
  • Part of the team at an entrepreneurial organization

Praxis is committed to building a diverse community from every continent and background, including greater representation of:

  • Racial and ethnic minorities in the U.S., including Black, Latino, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native/Indigenous people
  • Currently underrepresented regions globally, including sub-Saharan Africa, Latin & Central America, and South and East Asia
  • Those coming from and working in economically marginalized communities and sectors

Application Timeline

We invite you to apply to the 2021 Academy through an online form with a handful of open-ended questions to help us get to know you. Priority for admission, Course and Track selection, and scholarship are based on when you apply, so we highly encourage early applications.

When you apply to the Academy, you'll share your Course(s) and any add-on Track preferences.

Tracks have a limited number of seats, so there is a chance you may be accepted to your Course, but not your preferred Track. Applying for a Track in no way affects your admission to a Course.

From our first year, we’ve designed and led Academy to create a high-value communal learning experience that will pay dividends long past the end of the program. Financial concerns should not hinder anyone from attending, so scholarships are available. Anyone may apply for need-based scholarships; organizational scholarships are for people affiliated with a particular organization. If you were invited by an organization to apply to Academy, be sure to include that affiliation in your application.

Our team will review applications after each Application Round, and send decisions about a week later via email. We’ll ask admitted participants to submit a deposit to claim their seat within 7 days of acceptance.

Questions? Email


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Formal applications for the 2021 Academy closed on May 1.

Interested in more information for the 2022 Academy? Fill out the form below to learn more.

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provide vocational training through praxis

Join us in bringing vocational training on redemptive action to your business, nonprofit, school, ministry, church, organization or local community.

A decade into our work at Praxis, we’ve had the honor of working alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs leading organizations of various sizes. In the process, we’ve learned to adapt the training for our flagship Accelerator programs to equip leaders at nearly every level who are seeking to put their faith into action through their work.

We’ve developed four ways to collaborate with Praxis through vocational trainings that spark redemptive imagination and spur on creative action in your context.

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