Jeremy Gabrysch

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Remedy Urgent Care, Remedy

Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch is founder and CEO of Remedy, an on-demand house call and video visit service that brings care directly to patients on their phone and in their home. Dr. Gabrysch studied at Baylor University and UT Southwestern Medical in Dallas, and is a board-certified Emergency Physician. Prior to founding Remedy, he served as the Chief Medical Officer for a 150-bed teaching hospital in Ethiopia. Running an international hospital in the developing world, he developed a strong skill set in managing various stakeholders and cultures. During his tenure, the hospital implemented CT scanning, digital radiology with hospital-wide PACS, EMR, as well as ERP solutions.Upon returning to the US in 2015, Dr. Gabrysch took lessons learned from the vastly diverse settings in which he had practiced. On one extreme, he had worked in American emergency departments - the most expensive place to get care in the world. On the other, he had spent years in sub-Sahara Africa in the poorest and least-resourced medical environment in the world. Experiencing these two extremes gave him an appreciation for how to deliver the right care at the right cost in the right place. He founded Remedy, a superior option for acute episodic care that would keep people out of the expensive emergency room.Remedy strives to provide an exceptional patient experience by seeing patients in their home and on their phone. The company has more than doubled in size each year, and is now offering incredible value not just to individual consumers, but large self-funded employers who are looking to curb costs. Remedy is passionate about providing high-value care with a tech-enabled superior experience. When not leading Remedy, Dr. Gabrysch enjoys spending time with his wife Christina and their two kids, Nate and Taylor.

Jeremy Gabrysch has transitioned out of Remedy.
Jeremy Gabrysch