Dan Reed


Seed Fundraising

Dan is a philanthropy executive with a passion for strengthening culture-building institutions. With a desire to activate generosity, Dan served as a professional fundraiser for over 15 years, for causes ranging from public education to the advancement of free enterprise to animal health. In 2015, Dan launched Seed to partner with nonprofit leaders to scale their fundraising operations and create lasting cultural impact. Seed’s passion for generosity and the cultural power of the social sector is a driving force behind its programming. Previously, Dan worked in a variety of roles for National Right to Work Committee, Denver Public Schools Foundation, and as Chief Development Officer for Morris Animal Foundation. He serves on the board of Prodigy Ventures, a social enterprise focused on providing restorative work opportunities for disconnected young adults.


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i enjoy connecting with praxis fellows...
on how they are building lasting institutions that rely on activating generosity as a key driver to growth.