Allison Long Pettine


Ridge Group Investments

Allison is an investor and entrepreneur passionate about supporting leaders who strive to positively impact society. Allison’s approach to investing is built on respect, collaboration, and partnership. Because Allison began her career as one of the first employees of a medical device start-up, her perspective on investing goes beyond simply financial risk and return. Allison brings over 15 years of venture capital experience to each new venture, taking an active role in her investments, from co-founder to serving on boards. In 2018, Allison co-founded Ad Astra Ventures, a fund specifically focused on investing in female founders, to address the massive gender imbalances in our society. She takes great joy in the mutual benefit she derives as a mentor for Praxis and in her most important role as wife and mother.


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i enjoy connecting with praxis fellows...
on what it means to build multi-dimensional wealth, on how values driven decision making leads to greater success in the long term.