Sam Melvin

Co-founder & CEO

World Wide Open
Sam Melvin has transitioned out of World Wide Open.

Sam is the Co-Founder of Voxology, a communications platform as a service based in Newport Beach, CA. Previously, as Vice President of Product at Shoutpoint, he was responsible for leading the technical and business teams in the productization of a global voice and messaging platform (which became Voxology). Previous startups include: World Wide Open, a 501(c)3 that developed a social media platform to connect the people, nonprofits and churches that are working together to change the world; Fusings, a platform for professionals to curate the ideas that have formed their working philosophy; Action Sponsors, a platform that connects athletes with sponsors (; and Vision Launchers, a software design/development and marketing agency. He grew up in Steamboat Springs, CO, played basketball in Sweden, and is a graduate of Westmont College. He now lives in Costa Mesa, CA with his wife and two daughters.


Sam Melvin

Sam Melvin
2012 Nonprofit Accelerator