Martin Reed


Blue Sea Labs
Martin Reed has transitioned out of Blue Sea Labs.

Martin is now the Co-Founder at a stealth mode startup, as well as serves on the Board of Directors for Easter Seals Bay Area, leading their Strategy and Risk Mitigation Committee.Martin Reed is the Founder & CEO of Blue Sea Labs. He is an innovator in the sustainability of food systems, and has a vision for streamlining the food supply chain through logistics and technology. Blue Sea Labs is dedicated to bringing transparency to food supply chains. In 2010, he launched, the first online marketplace for sustainable seafood. Through this platform, fishermen sell directly to seafood consumers, bypassing the traditional supply chain, earning more profits and ensuring that quality remains intact. Currently, Blue Sea Labs is developing logistics software to empower smaller companies to compete against larger players. Martin is active in leadership at his church and enjoys reading, yoga, and swimming in the San Francisco Bay. He holds degrees from the University of Arizona in entrepreneurship, marketing, and communications.


Martin Reed

Martin Reed
2014 Business Accelerator