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About the Role

Praxis began in 2011 with a desire to support Christian entrepreneurs and has grown steadily into an ecosystem of founders, funders, and builders motivated by their faith to love their neighbors and renew culture. The work of our high-powered team is to build and care for a community of practice and a portfolio of ventures embodying redemptive entrepreneurship.

The Director of Content & Communications role is critical because the word “praxis” means ideas in action. We help entrepreneurial leaders live out a set of theological, cultural, and entrepreneurial ideas and practices—and our growth and impact depend upon collecting, packaging, sharing, and driving engagement around these, in the form of real-life stories and profiles, useful frameworks and tools, imaginative publishing, and shareable media.

The Director will operate in two modes—as program manager of all our content and communications efforts (setting priorities and managing the work of team members, contractors, and agencies, focusing on brand fidelity, velocity, and engagement) and as direct contributor (designing, writing, and producing assets and campaigns). 

We now have 200+ business and nonprofit ventures in the Praxis Portfolio, led by some of the most innovative and inspiring Christian founders in the world. This role will have critical exposure to them and our wider community of founders, funders, and innovators, as we collect and frame insights that help them advance their missions. The Director will work closely with the Partner for Content in strategy and production, and with each part of the Praxis team to help us tell stories from every aspect of our work.

Key Responsibilities

Communications & Content Operations — Plan and lead the execution of our communications, including regular (e.g. social and email), event-based (e.g. Praxis Academy), project-based (e.g. website releases), and launch-based (e.g. Playbook releases) efforts as described below.

Content Design & Production — Lead and produce new media, content products, and packaged experiences that build upon our core assets (such as the Redemptive Frame, sector Playbooks, Rule of Life, and Opportunities for Redemptive Innovation), involving our team and gathering wisdom and perspectives from the community. Develop stories and profiles of redemptive leaders, funders, collaborations, ventures, and practices in the Praxis community. Deploy these across our community (through our annual Summit, cohort-based programs, impact and donor reporting, etc.). Package these into assets and “containers” (e.g. content marketing and self-led courses) that make the core ideas behind redemptive entrepreneurship widely accessible.

Digital Platforms — Contribute to and execute on our digital platform strategy, which includes working with team members and contractors to develop, extend, optimize, refresh, and integrate content on our website properties. 

Program & Publishing Assets — Oversee the development of web and print assets to accompany our initiatives (Praxis Academy, Accelerators, and Summit) and content releases.

Brand Expression — Advance the Praxis brand expression through comprehensive visual and language guidelines, guiding our team to represent the brand with consistent fidelity in our respective spheres of work—including donor communications, program recruiting, and partnership development. Direct designers and agencies to develop new and refreshed brand assets based on our guidelines. 

Praxis Podcasts — Over time, take on the associate producer role for our in-house podcast, “The Redemptive Edge.”

Core Competencies

Program Management and Content Operations — Build and run a high-performing, tech-forward content development system. This requires translating organizational strategy into priority functions and projects, and managing several of these simultaneously—directing the contributions of other team members (at all levels of the organization), as well as contractors, and agencies.

Content Production — Design, write, edit, and produce clear communications and content in the Praxis brand voice and visual style. 

Digital Mastery — Skillfully use and direct the use of the Praxis set of digital tools, including Google Suite, Airtable, Slack, Asana, Squarespace, Dropbox, Keynote, InDesign, WordPress, MailChimp, Typeform, Hootsuite, and Medium. 

Learning and Prototyping — Apply and grow in expertise in the professional disciplines of communications, content development, and digital engagement. Stay current in trends, tools, and strategies. Consistently move between strategic and tactical modes in a fluid environment.

Prior Experiences

Target candidates for this position have several years of professional experience developing all four core competencies described above, ideally in more than one type of organization (e.g. corporate, consulting, business, nonprofit, agency, academic institution, church). 

This experience could have been developed in functions including marketing, communications, content development, learning, people development, publishing, investor relations, donor development, program and product development, client service, and more.

We are especially interested in people with experience in the entrepreneurial world, through working in or with startups.

Candidates should have a track record of managing complexity through others (including direct reports, executives, and peers), and delivering with high productivity and excellence as an individual contributor.

Bottom line: we’re most interested in what you are capable of doing and are motivated to build. We're looking for people who are eager to work hard, figure it out, and serve their team—who seek to build not only their own future but the organization's as well.

Praxis Culture & Benefits

Mission carriers: We seek team members who are internally motivated not only to advance redemptive entrepreneurship as an organizational mission, but to embody redemptive action as a personal and vocational priority.

Entrepreneurial spirit:
We’re a team of builders and entrepreneurs, and a founder’s mindset is core to our ethos. Every person in every role is constantly thinking about how to build and improve, rather than to maintain the status quo. We see ourselves as innovators and approach our work with drive and an eye for possibility.

Humble & ambitious:
Despite our many accomplishments, our team is committed to a posture of humility as we pursue holy ambition within our organization and our individual lives. We set big goals and pursue them not for our own glory but to see Praxis’ mission come to life in the world.

High excellence, high grace:
We aim for the highest standards of value and impact in our programs, experiences, and operations. We take ownership over excellence not just within our vertical but across the organization. Our commitment to excellence is intentionally tied to a culture of grace, allowing us to own our mistakes and learn quickly for the next time.

Innovative & adaptable:
We operate like a startup; our work is regularly in prototype mode and undergoes several iterations. Our team approaches change with a mindset of adaptability, bringing new solutions to opportunities and challenges that inevitably arise within a growing organization. We love to brainstorm and build with one another, and see each other as partners in our work, not obstacles in our way.

Tech-forward operators:
We design and operate as a nonprofit pushing the edges of new technology and systems that allow our small team to operate efficiently at scale. We’re always looking for new ways to automate ourselves out of work and rely heavily on internal systems to propel our work across the community.


We want to make Praxis an incredible place to work, regardless of your background or experience.

fully paid healthcare

We offer premium healthcare coverage (health, dental , & vision) and pay 100% of costs for employees and their dependents. We also offer FSA and DCFSA plans to all full-time employees.

flexible vacation policy

There are no minimum or maximum days for paid time off; we encourage our team to take vacation and sick leave as needed.

401k investment plan

We offer 401k plans for all full-time employees and match up to 5% annually.

Additional Details

Engage with the Praxis team and community as a student and growing practitioner of redemptive entrepreneurship (and in particular a redemptive approach to content, communications, and marketing). Protect, translate, and embody the Praxis voice and ethos.

Contribute as needed to the execution of the core events and gatherings of Praxis: Business and Nonprofit Accelerators, Praxis Academy, Redemptive Imagination Summit, and others. This work builds vital relationships with the mission carriers of redemptive entrepreneurship.

Work effectively in a fluid, matrixed environment; manage projects to deliver results independently and through other team members; contribute helpful and insightful feedback in a collaborative culture; serve others as a generous colleague; represent Praxis through a posture of hospitality and welcome at our HQ and events; and act as an ambassador for Praxis in various settings.

Location: Praxis Headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, NYC

Reports to: Partner, Content

Travel: The role includes travel to approximately 8 Praxis events per year as part of the Praxis core team. All business related travel will be paid for by Praxis.

Faith: Praxis is a religious nonprofit. Applicants are required to affirm the Apostle’s Creed and demonstrate a serious commitment to following Jesus Christ. 

As our team grows, we are strengthening an organizational culture that includes shared rhythms such as daily team prayer, a company-wide weekly Sabbath, and more that can be learned about in our Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs. We think one of our greatest organizational contributions is to cultivate and embody a redemptive imagination that only the Spirit can provide, in service to our community, the Church, and the broader startup culture.

Interview Process

We've designed an interview process that helps us mutually discern if there is role fit for you on the Praxis team.

Application: You’re asked to submit a brief application, sharing your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in this role at Praxis.

Zoom Screening: 30-minute video calls with a few team members who’ll get to know you and create space for you to ask questions about the role and our organization.

Role-Based Project: In this round, candidates are invited to complete a short project designed to simulate real projects and assignments that would be core to this role’s regular work. We learn a lot about candidate fit through this process, and provide you with an opportunity to learn what the day to day of this role would look like.

Project Interview: Candidates who advance to this interview meet with the Praxis team members they would regularly work with, as well as their manager.

Final Round Interview: This final interview is a chance to meet our senior leadership and for them to learn more about you if you are invited to join the team.

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