Now to put these redemptive ideas into practice.

Redemptive entrepreneurship is not a mere theory. It's a way to name, celebrate, and advance a faithful and generative way of working that we've witnessed in the lives and teams of hundreds of founders, funders, and other exemplars over the decades.

We document their mindsets, decisions, practices, and stories in these resources—so that you can adapt, innovate, and spread these ideas into your vocation and venture.

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praxis playbooks

Resources for building redemptive ventures.

The Praxis Playbooks are print and digital resources that offer our take on how to do redemptive work in the entrepreneurial environment.

praxis journal

Our digital magazine for practitioners.

The ideas, models, practices, and people powering today’s redemptive ventures, plus news and stories from the Praxis community.

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praxis podcast

Stories and big ideas from redemptive leaders.

The Redemptive Edge, hosted by Partner for Theology & Culture Andy Crouch, tells single-episode stories of founders and funders in the Praxis community sharing the stories of their journeys as redemptive entrepreneurs.

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praxis re/frame

A half-day intro to Redemptive, led by you.

The RE/frame (coming in late 2021) is a five-hour, locally-led "Intro to Redemptive" event to engage Christians seeking to work and lead faithfully. We train local leaders to gather a group in person and deliver modules of Praxis core content, group discussion, and individual reflection and application of the practices of redemptive leadership, strategy, and operations. Participants will identify unique opportunities to bring their faith more fully into every aspect of their work, and design prototypes to move toward that goal.

The RE/frame is for groups of rising and established leaders seeking a holistic, gospel-centered, action-oriented vision for their life's work. It's designed to be delivered in churches, schools, Guilds, organizational teams, or any other gathering.

The cost of the RE/frame license is free; we ask leaders to cover the cost of the printed materials, as well as the expense needed to create a truly hospitable full-day experience.
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Join us to advance redemptive action.

Join us in bringing vocational training on redemptive action to your business, nonprofit, school, ministry, church, organization or local community.

A decade into our work at Praxis, we’ve had the honor of working alongside hundreds of entrepreneurs leading organizations of various sizes. In the process, we’ve learned to adapt the training for our flagship Accelerator programs to equip leaders at nearly every level who are seeking to put their faith into action through their work.

We’ve developed four ways to collaborate with Praxis through vocational trainings that spark redemptive imagination and spur on creative action in your context.

Creative restoration through sacrifice.

Redemptive action is following the pattern of creative restoration through sacrifice in our life and work.

The Redemptive Frame helps define and explore the possibilities for redemptive action in any domain, particularly in entrepreneurship and organizational leadership.

A chart showing the expanding circles of exploitative, ethical, and redemptive models.