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Enriching the Family from Dating to Parenting


At the root of so many of the social issues in our world is the vulnerable state of the family, from formation (in the stages of dating, engagement, and wedding planning) to longevity (marriage and parenting). Dating has undergone a radical transformation due to technology, with the most successful platforms monetizing desire rather than cultivating commitment. While divorce rates are thankfully in decline, marriage rates are declining even faster. Weddings have shifted to center more on the experience of a singular, grand event than a celebration of a serious commitment to something long-lasting. And should individuals successfully establish a marriage and begin raising children, they enter a uniquely stressful season of life, trying to help their children navigate technology, social media, and achievement culture.

We're interested in ventures that advance the possibilities of forming and sustaining healthy marriages, deepen individuals’ connections to extended family and community, and develop covenantal practices of communication, wisdom, and courage as spouses and parents.


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exists to build thoughtful technology that equips and inspires families toward health (Reilly Flynn, Venture Studio 2020).

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now operates within Talkspace (a leading provider of self-guided therapy apps) to provide couples with access to wise, research-based resources for their relationships, and now for their roles as parents; (Steve Dziedzic, Business 2018).

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promotes lifelong faith through resources that help parents and other caring adults to wisely disciple teenagers through sensitive personal and cultural topics (David Eaton & Jeremiah Callihan, Nonprofit 2013).

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