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Elevating the Status & Care of Our Elders


The past one hundred years in America have seen a narrowing emphasis on the nuclear family, the emergence of retirement communities and end-of-life care plans, and a cultural shift away from valuing the role of elderly wisdom—all hastened by the pace of technological innovation. This has left us with a society that largely sees our elders as an inconvenience rather than as an opportunity for the next generation to care for, learn from, and honor, affecting our approaches to everything from family leave to caregiving to the development of housing communities.

We’re interested in creative ventures that celebrate the role of our elders, create clearer pathways for wisdom transfer, and advocate and prioritize in-home caregiving. We’re also interested in groups offering credible alternatives to the growing conversation around physician-assisted death (a dialogue often anchored in burden and guilt).


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is bringing modern-day technology to the caregiving experience, helping keep more elders inside of their families’ care, and supporting caregivers through a community to combat the isolation that is often the most debilitating part of the caregiving experience (Jessica Kim, Venture Studio 2019).

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