Yvonne English

Executive Director, E I | Entrepreneur in Residence | Professor of Practice, Entrepreneurship

Grove City College

Yvonne English is the Executive Director of the Center for Entrepreneurship + Innovation and an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at Grove City College. In addition to her work with next-gen entrepreneurs, she coaches and advises more experienced entrepreneurs and consults for organizations that seek to build entrepreneurial training capacity. Having founded and sold three companies of her own, she also started and ran a rural business incubator for five years and has coached multiple startups through fundraising, testing business models, dealing with founders’ dilemmas, and maneuvering through acquisitions. English earned a Master’s in Technology Entrepreneurship from the University of Maryland and her undergraduate degree from Grove City College. She is a Chief Mentor at the European Innovation Academy and was selected as an Ambassador for LeanStartup Week.


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i enjoy connecting with praxis fellows...
about startup nerd stuff like applying lean startup + customer discovery techniques to organizations of any size, addressing founders' dilemmas, and how empathy and human-centered design (design thinking) can change the game.