Woojin Kim


Ative Group, Chapter 2

Woojin Kim is a faith-driven, 3x Serial Entrepreneur who builds purpose-driven brands. He is on a mission to support great brands through acquisition and excellent operations support. Saved by Grace, he no longer thinks that he wasn’t good at anything, or not smart enough to do anything; thinks he is a nobody in this world; lives in fear, unable to overcome bankruptcy or start a business legally or able to get a job because of his status as an undocumented immigrant. Woojin is the Ex-Founder of Caseology (exited): CPG brand bootstrapped from Zero to $144M in total revenue, a Top 10 Global Amazon Seller (2017), and a Consulting Partner to 2 CPG brands to grow $10M to $30M. He has 6M served customers, partner to 2 CPG brands to over $30M, and 9 Figures Sold on Amazon.


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