Vic Ho


SumUp USA / Fivestars

Victor Ho is co-founder and CEO of Fivestars, which was acquired by SumUp for $317 million in 2021. He now also serves as CEO of SumUp USA, where he is tasked with growing the SumUp brand domestically and expanding the Fivestars CRM internationally. Victor started Fivestars out of a desire to help small businesses build closer relationships with their customers. This stemmed from his prior work at McKinsey & Company creating sophisticated customer engagement strategies for Fortune 500 brands, where it became clear that small businesses were being increasingly left behind. Victor started his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs and holds three degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, where he triple majored in industrial engineering, rhetoric, and business administration. Outside of work, Victor loves spending time with his family and eating sour candy.


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i enjoy connecting with praxis fellows ON...
swapping ideas about how our faith can/should show up in our work.