Jena Lee Nardella

Chief Development & Communications Officer

Justice Defenders

Jena serves on the executive team and leads the fundraising & communications efforts for Justice Defenders, a 2017 Nonprofit training paralegals and lawyers within prisons to provide provide legal services for themselves and others. She spent 7 years as Partner for the Nonprofit Portfolio at Praxis, and served as a primary coach for 100+ Fellows from 6 cohorts. As a co-author of the Redemptive Nonprofit Playbook, Jena is a passionate advocate for a redemptive rethinking in the nonprofit sector. Previously, Jena served as co-founder and Executive Director of Blood:Water, which she founded alongside the band, Jars of Clay. She and her husband, James, have two children and live in Boston.


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i enjoy connecting with praxis fellows ON...
leading through organizational growth stages, donor cultivation, healthy boards, and sustainability.