David Park


Supra Solem

David Park is the Founder of Supra Solem, a family office that partners with leaders, companies, and organizations who are working to make all things new. Supra Solem invests in private vehicles and companies that are led by faith-driven sponsors who have an alternative imagination for the integration of faith and work, with an emphasis on increasing access and awareness to tools and resources around emotional and spiritual health. David is also a Partner at Greenwood Hospitality Group, a company he helped found in 2009 that has over 4,000 hotel rooms under ownership and management. David is a graduate of Harvard and Stanford Business School and is currently active in several work and faith communities including the Christian Economic Forum, Praxis, and Marketplace One. He and his wife Jean have three boys and live in New York City.


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i enjoy connecting with praxis fellows...
on the journey of connecting our head with our heart and learning more about living in the freedom God desires for us.