April Chapman


Generous Giving

April Chapman worked in the tech industry for 20 years including a tenure at Microsoft, managing teams responsible for consumer Internet sites and orchestrating key partnerships. Prior to Microsoft, she developed groundbreaking software products and taught nationally on software technologies. April left Microsoft to start a consulting firm to advise non-profits on Internet strategy. She now works with and invests in Christian-led organizations locally, nationally, and internationally to help maximize their economic, social, and spiritual impact. April serves on several non-profit boards including Praxis, Impact Foundation, Generous Giving, and National Christian Foundation Northwest as well as several small/medium business boards. She was also previously the Co-Chair of the World Vision Innovation Fund. She and her husband, Craig, have boy/girl twins and love the challenge of balancing home life with the call to serve. April holds an Oxford Diploma in Strategy & Innovation and a BS in Computer Science from UC, Irvine.


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