about the role

We’re looking for a Content Associate to produce print content assets to advance redemptive entrepreneurship through publishing, thought leadership, programs, and marketing. This person will efficiently produce a variety of digital and print assets of exemplary quality and usability, as well as high fidelity to our brand, voice, and message. In addition to content production, the Content Associate will support our programs and offerings with high-quality digital operations, alongside actively participating in and advancing the culture, community, programs, and vision of Praxis.

Key Responsibilities

Design and build digital and print assets (workbooks, event books, facilitator guides, partner marketing assets, content marketing assets) based on brand standards, content templates, and emerging content ideas coming from the team.

Research, write, and edit stories and profiles of our community’s work.

Manage content on various Praxis websites and social media properties, including developing versions of existing assets, keeping public site content updated, and tagging and excerpting resources for our content library.

Participate in operational support for digital and in-person programs and gatherings, including the Business & Nonprofit Accelerators and Praxis Academy.

Core Competencies

+ Content production proficiency across digital and print mediums (e.g. InDesign, Webflow, Squarespace, Google Suite)

+ Strong writing and editing 

+ Strong storytelling and engagement in content marketing through social, email, & micro-video

+ Operational excellence, project management proficiency, and natural attention to detail

+ Graphic design basics

Prior Experiences

+ 2-3 years of experience in content production or digital marketing

+ Operational responsibility for a project from start to finish

+ Building and/or managing a digital platform for content resources

+ Education or experience designing digital assets (photos, graphics, etc)

praxis culture

Commitment to excellence: We’re dedicated to designing and operating an organization that delivers quality programs and experiences. We aim for the highest standards of value and impact, and take ownership over excellence not just within our vertical but across the organization.

Collaborative & can-do attitude: As a small team, we frequently work together and are required to wear many hats. We love to brainstorm and build with one another, and see each other as partners in our work, not obstacles in our way.

Flexible & adaptable: We operate like a startup; our work is regularly in prototype mode and undergoes several iterations. Our team approaches changes with a mindset of adaptability, bringing new solutions to challenges that inevitably arise within a growing organization.

Open & frequent communication: We’re responsive and value open and frequent communication. When there is conflict, we prefer to resolve it quickly and in-person when possible. 

Humble: Despite our many accomplishments, our team is committed to a posture of humility and service with everyone we meet. We are quick to celebrate others, directly and indirectly.

Ambitious: We are aimed at a big vision and approach our work with ambitious hearts of what can be accomplished by our community. We don’t settle for mediocrity and pursue holy ambition within our organization and our individual lives.

Builder / Improver mindset: When it comes to our own organization, we are builders of our future, not managers of the past, being averse to risk because of what we have been given. Every person in every role is constantly thinking about how to build and improve.


We want to make Praxis an incredible place to work, regardless of your background or experience.

fully paid healthcare

We offer premium healthcare coverage (health, dental , & vision) and pay 100% of costs for employees and their dependents. We also offer FSA and DCFSA plans to all full-time employees.

flexible vacation policy

There are no minimum or maximum days for paid time off; we encourage our team to take vacation and sick leave as needed.

401k investment plan

We offer 401k plans for all full-time employees and match up to 5% annually.

additional details

Role Location: New York, NY

Reports To: Praxis Partner, Content

Travel: The role requires travel directly related to the job description (up to 30 days a year), as well as additional events (Praxis or otherwise) to execute core job responsibilities. All business-related travel is paid for by Praxis.

Faith: Praxis is a religious nonprofit. Applicants are required to affirm the Apostle’s Creed and demonstrate a serious commitment to following Jesus Christ. As our team grows, we are strengthening an organizational culture that includes shared rhythms such as daily team prayer, a company-wide weekly Sabbath, and more that can be learned about in our Rule of Life for Redemptive Entrepreneurs (rule.praxislabs.org). We think one of our greatest organizational contributions is to cultivate and embody a redemptive imagination that only the Spirit can provide, in service to our community, the church, and the broader startup culture.


We've designed an interview process that helps us mutually discern if there is role fit for you on the Praxis team.

Interview Process

Application: You’re asked to submit a brief application, sharing your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in this role at Praxis.

Zoom Screening: 30-minute video calls with a sub-team at Praxis to get to know you and create space for you to ask questions about the role and our organization.

Role-Based Project: In this round, candidates are invited to complete a short project that is intentionally designed to simulate real projects and assignments this role would be responsible to complete. We learn a lot about candidate fit through this process, and hopefully provide you with an opportunity to learn what the day to day of this role would look like.

Project Interview: Candidates who advance to this interview meet with the Praxis team members they would regularly work with, as well as their manager. 

Final Round Interview with CEO & Managing Partner: This final interview is a chance to meet our senior leadership and for them to learn more about you if you are invited to join the team.

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