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Turaco grew from 0 to 30,000 customers since raising $1M at the 2019 Praxis Summit.


Ted Pantone

2019 Business Fellow

When Ted Pantone entered Praxis as a Business Fellow in 2018, his venture had two employees and zero customers. Turaco, founded in 2018, aims to free people from the fear of financial shocks, by insuring a billion people in the developing world in the next 25 years. They develop simplified insurance products and deliver them digitally through subscriptions.

Throughout the Accelerator program, Ted was challenged to elevate his thinking and vision for Turaco through a redemptive lens. “I was holding two visions in my head for what Turaco should be, a profitable insurance company in East Africa, or a movement to change the face of healthcare financing globally. The Lord used the Praxis team to help expand my thinking to what could really be possible if we look at the problem, and our solution to it, through a lens of abundance.”

In May 2019, Ted raised $1M after presenting at the Praxis Redemptive Imagination Summit, which allowed him to grow to 12 employees and reach 4,500 customers shortly after. Today, Turaco is providing 30,000 customers in Kenya and Uganda with good, simple, and affordable insurance that was previously unavailable, with a trajectory to reach 200,000 customers in 2020.

Stories of our Community at Work