stories of our community at work

Sajan launched a new workforce development venture and space in Indianapolis.

Polk Group

Sajan George

2020 Venture Lab

After graduating with the first Accelerator class in 2012 with his education organization Matchbook Learning, Sajan George stayed involved with Praxis through mentoring and attending events. In 2017, he made a difficult decision to move Matchbook and his family to Indianapolis. The first year in the new city was full of surprises, like when a city official tried to block the opening of their school. On the day of the public hearing, the courthouse was full of friends and community members—including several Praxis leaders—who testified to the validity and potential of Matchbook Learning for the city. Today, Matchbook Learning leads the largest public K-8 school in Indianapolis.

Moved by this spirit of generosity, Sajan began to imagine the possibilities to create a redemptive ecosystem in Indianapolis. As it turned out, we at Praxis were also contemplating ways to resource local communities of practice around redemptive entrepreneurship. Through Sajan’s help among others, we currently have leaders in eight cities who have launched their city-based Guild.

Recently, Sajan and friends acquired a landmark three-story building called POLK Stables in hopes it will become the home of the Indianapolis Guild, and a center that can “nourish the city” by housing new and growing companies, creating job opportunities, providing apprenticeships for young people, collaborating with artists, and much more in the city he’s grown to love.

Stories of our Community at Work