stories of our community at work

Caragh and Loren secured coveted partnerships with key fashion brands and clarified their impact model.


Caragh Bennet & Loren Thomas

2018 Praxis Academy Emerging Founders

Zena (formerly Tribe + Glory) empowers and activates female entrepreneurs to achieve self sustainability through relationship, craftsmanship, and entrepreneurship. During the Praxis Academy Emerging Founders program in 2018, co-founders Caragh Bennet and Loren Thomas were encouraged to widen their vision for their venture while focusing on excellence in the products they wanted to bring to market. These conversations with Praxis Mentors radically informed their strategy for the next 18 months, during which they secured a place on the Council of Fashion Designers in America Launch Pad program in New York as well as collaborations with Diane Von Furstenburg and Bloomingdale’s. That also led them to rebrand as Zena, and radically clarify their impact model.

Caragh and Loren look forward to seeing their first five program members graduate as business owners and for more females in rural poverty to pursue their dreams of running their own business and achieving financial stability.

Stories of our Community at Work