stories of our community at work

After Academy Week, Amri was awarded a Fulbright to work with one of our mentors.

Amri Rigby

2018 Academy

After meeting 2017 Nonprofit Fellow Alexander McLean at Academy Week 2018, Amri applied and was selected for a Fulbright Scholarship to volunteer with Alexander at African Prisons Project in their work equipping defenseless communities with the tools to seek justice.

After graduation in May and attending the Academy Week 2019, Amri left for Uganda, where he spent nine months with the African Prisons Project team capturing the unexpected stories of hope, redemption, and justice emerging from prisons around Uganda and Kenya. At the end of his Fulbright, Amri will have a feature film script based on true stories of the transformation that is happening for inmates and officers through redemptive justice.

Stories of our Community at Work