Launch with Praxis

Get Equipped to build your own community for redemptive action

We’ve created a special Academy Track for ecosystem builders and other leaders who want to learn how to launch Praxis training in your organization or community in order to equip them for redemptive imagination and creative action. You’ll participate in the full Academy 2021 program, have an all-access pass to the 4  Courses (Redemptive Business, Nonprofit, Investing, Vocation), meet weekly with a Praxis team member and other peers from around the globe to share insights. Plus, you'll get a behind the scenes look into how Praxis runs its Academy, Accelerator, and other programs in order to help you successfully launch your own initiatives. Launch Track participants will also be the first to pilot new self-led Praxis Courses we are developing.

Cost: $795 each

Leaders and ecosystem builders who want to get exposure to our work at Praxis and explore deeper integration of our training resources to equip your community for redemptive action. Great for those considering launching your own courses or accelerators, pastors, corporate chaplains, college/university faculty or staff leading entrepreneurship initiatives, and more.

Applications open March 16 – May 1; program June – August 2021 (dates/times vary)

How: Application-based admission for limited seats. Apply using the link below (this application is not on the main Academy page). When completing the Application, you'll be asked to select a main Course and an Add-On Course -- these are just your preferences, as you'll have access to all Courses through this program. Your "Launch Track" option will automatically be filled in for you.

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Learn With Praxis

Send YOUR Leaders to be trained at Praxis Academy

We’ve created multiple options for your organization to join our flagship vocational learning experience, Praxis Academy. Your organization can send from five to fifty participants at special rates. Or create a Cohort, where your organization sends a group of 8-14 participants along with a senior leader, who will lead discussion groups and integrate your own content and experience as you wish.

Cost: $550 each for 5-9 seats; $500 each for for 10-19; $450 each for 20-50

Anyone who would like to be trained by Praxis on its redemptive entrepreneurship content and formation

Packages available March 16 – April 15; Academy applications due by May 1; Academy summer program June 17 – August 13

Organization selects their package and pays; your participants apply and are awarded full-ride scholarships and participate in the summer Academy

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Run Praxis in Your Context

Host a Praxis RE/frame and/or a Praxis Course

We’re creating Praxis experiences that you can run at your organization with basic pre-delivery training. Our five-hour RE/frame event and 8-module courses (Vocation, Business, Nonprofit, and Investing) are being created for templated delivery to your community through simple and accessible application and training. Thanks to our generous donors, we’re able to provide these experiences at no charge.

Cost: Free 

Who: Anyone interested in self-leading a group in their neighborhood, venture, church, etc. in Praxis content and formation around redemptive entrepreneurship.

Limited Piloting begins in Fall 2021

How: Sign up to be on the list to learn more as we launch

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Build with Praxis

Become a Missional Partner

For certain types of organizations interested in delivery of our content and experiences at significant scale, or who desire to build out a long term activity center for redemptive entrepreneurship inside their institution, we create custom partnerships where we sense mutuality in mission and partnership. We typically only work with just new 2-3 missional partners per year and often have funding directly from a partner or a donor to cover expenses.

Cost: Custom

Universities, Large Churches, Denominations, Corporations, Foundations or anyone serving large groups of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs in the world

Invitation only; Praxis recommends the Launch Track as a great starting place for mutual exploration of this deeply integrated partnership model