Academy Venture

Academy Venture is for pre-seed and idea-stage founders seeking to create a redemptive vision and strategy for a new venture

It’s an opportunity to explore a strong venture hunch, or strengthen and redirect a startup that’s already underway—all in community with like-minded entrepreneurs and builders.

The program begins in person at Academy Week 2022 (August 1-5) with an immersive five-day experience alongside participants in all Academy programs—encountering a vibrant community of redemptive ideas, ventures, exemplars, and opportunities. 

You and your cohort of founders will focus specifically on venture building for the second half of the week, then continue that work through six live-virtual sessions over the following months.

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Academy Venture

August 1-5, 2022
Los Angeles, CA
+ 6 Virtual Sessions September-December

Who you are now

Part-time innovator, trying to explore whether to take the next step with your venture idea; or

Idea-stage founder with a hunch to work out around an important issue; or

Early-stage founder looking for guidance in moving from concept to launch

Humble, ambitious Christian seeking to build and lead your venture as a demonstration of your faith

What you’ll learn

What redemptive entrepreneurship is—in principle, theology, and practice

Commitments and practices of a redemptive entrepreneur

A venture-building method that applies sound entrepreneurial best practice with a redemptive imagination 

How real-life founders are building ventures and practicing redemptive entrepreneurship through the Praxis community

Some of the most essential issues and opportunities for redemptive innovation across sectors and industries

Where you’re going

Testing and refining your idea before you go full-time; or

Making the leap to launch your venture; or

Adding to your growing venture team and raising initial capital; or

Forming community with other idea-stage founders for support and collaboration


Five-day in-person event (approximately 40 hours of active participation) in Los Angeles, CA, with talks, panels, and roundtables with Academy faculty; venture pitches by Praxis Fellows (founders of our portfolio ventures); and in-person 1:1 sessions with mentors 

6 live-virtual sessions from September-December for practical venture-building application


Application period: April 1–May 25, 2022

Accepted candidates notified: May 27, 2022

Program fee deposit due: June 3, 2022

Academy Week: August 1–5, 2022

Follow-on live-virtual sessions: 6 sessions from September-December

Academy Speakers and Mentors

What participants gain

You’ll grow as a leader. You’ll be learning from dozens of Academy faculty and speakers—wise leaders with expertise in strategy, operations, and leadership—who are exemplars of redemptive entrepreneurship and active contributors to the Praxis community.

You’ll strengthen your current venture and build your entrepreneurial capacity in general. You’ll develop a canvas connecting the strategy, operations, and leadership of your venture, designing it to be more effective, high-impact, sustainable, and redemptive for the long haul. You’ll learn more about key early-stage processes like prototyping and user testing—and be able to apply them all through a redemptive imagination.

You’ll contribute to a life-giving peer community and open up opportunities for venture collaboration. From start to finish, you’re part of a cohort—a diverse group of peers on a similar vocational journey as you. You’ll have access to a private community platform to share advice, jobs, and connections. 



Applications for the 2022 Academy close on May 25.

Express Interestnominate

April 1 - May 25

Apps Open

May 27


Payments due 7 days after decisions sent


August 1-5

Venture Program

Los Angeles, CA

Sept. - Dec.

Venture Program


program fees



includes Double Occupancy room on campus at Biola

Upgrade to Hotel

+ $400

Double Occupancy hotel room with Queen bed

Upgrade to Hotel

+ $800

Single Occupancy hotel room with King bed

Add Second Founder

$700 (+ optional room upgrades)

Program Fees include all materials, meals, shuttle to and from LAX airport, and a Double Occupancy room in campus housing. All programs have the option to upgrade housing to a nearby hotel for an additional cost.

Upgrade to a hotel with a Double Occupancy room with a Queen bed for $400 per person; or a Single Occupancy room with a King bed for $800 per person. Limited rooms available.

Note: For Double Occupancy rooms, you will be able to choose your roommate if you have a partner or friend attending the event, or you can opt to have Praxis match you with a same-gender roommate.

Scholarship Information

There are two types of scholarships available: Sponsored and Need-Based.

Each year Praxis works with individuals and organizations who fund scholarships for specific types of participants. Examples may include scholarships for founders from a specific region (e.g. Latin America), those affiliated with a certain college or organization, or demographic-based (e.g. emerging female founders). If you were invited to apply for a Sponsored scholarship, please note this in your application — for others, simply complete your application as completely as possible and you will be considered if there is a sponsored scholarship available to you.

Praxis has a very limited number of need-based scholarships. Out of respect for those with the most need, we kindly request that you only apply for a need-based scholarship if you are in an extreme financial situation and could only participate if you were awarded one.

Academy Venture FAQs

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