Jedidiah Francis


Wonder & Awe
Jedidiah Francis is the Founder and CEO of, an AI startup ‘Factory’ that seeks to create disruptive, sustainable, and ethical AI startups across multiple industry sectors. Jedidiah is a product visionary with over a decade of experience leading technical teams and building innovative machine learning solutions. Prior to founding in 2017, he held senior data roles at fashion retailer ASOS. Within his role as Head of Data, Jedidiah both founded and lead the ASOS machine learning team, helping to build and deploy advanced personalization systems. Jedidiah is a regular public speaker, having delivered talks for organizations such as Imperial College London, MBN solutions, and the BBC. He achieved his success following humble origins in the Caribbean. Jedidiah joined the British Army as a soldier, to help finance his university ambitions overseas in the UK. He now resides in London, and is in the process of obtaining a doctorate at the University of Oxford in statistics, as well as holding a BSc in Biology with Business Management from Queen Mary, University of London.

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Jedidiah Francis