Kelly Lyndgaard
Leighton Cusack (2021 Business Accelerator) leads PoolTogether, a cryptocurrency application that lets people have the best of both worlds - saving money and the chance to win a prize. Customers join a pool by buying a “ticket” - each ticket giving them a chance to win a prize - but even if they don’t win, they keep all their money. The app has almost $200 million in total deposits and is sharing nearly $100,000 in prizes per week.
Sarah and Hudson
Hadiyah Mujhid is the founder of HBCUvc and was a 2019 Nonprofit Fellow. HBCUvc's mission is to foster the development of inclusive innovation economies. The organization does this by running a venture capital fellowship program for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) — and operates a venture capital clinic through which Fellows support local entrepreneurs. Recently, HBCUvc launched the 1 Million Fund, which offers first-hand investment experience to HBCUvc fellows who will manage and operate the fund, supporting Black, Indigenous, and Latinx founders of early-stage, tech-based businesses. hbcU.VC
Brett Hagler
Sarah Dubbledam (2019 Business Accelerator) leads Darling, which consists of a digital magazine, a large online and social platform with over 450,000 followers, video content and interactive events. Darling is a leading voice in culture as the first magazine to not retouch women’s skin or bodies, featuring over 150 celebrities and creating multimedia campaigns for brands such as Nike, Aerie, Alaska Airlines, and Expedia.

Advancing redemptive

Praxis is

A creative engine for redemptive entrepreneurship, supporting founders, funders, and innovators motivated by their faith to love their neighbors and renew culture.

A group of Praxis fellows engaged in discussion seated in a circle around a fire pit.

who we are

Our community of practice operates through high-touch programs, robust content, and a global portfolio of redemptive business & nonprofit ventures.

Praxis Academy

Praxis Academy is for early-career builders, innovators, and entrepreneurs seeking to pursue redemptive action through businesses and nonprofits, across all areas of culture.

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Nonprofit Accelerator

The mentorship-driven Nonprofit Accelerator program equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept up to 12 startups per year, with up to two Fellows per venture.

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Business Accelerator

The mentorship-driven Business Accelerator program equips top ventures as they seek the redemptive edge in their industries. We accept up to 12 startups per year, with up to two Fellows per venture.

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Venture Lab

The Praxis Venture Lab is a startup studio that originates a small number of “redemptive moonshots” in collaboration with Entrepreneurs-in-Residence and funding partners from the Praxis Capital community.

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Redemptive entrepreneurship is not merely a theory; it’s an advancing reality, embodied in a global community of practice, building and funding ventures that make a significant mark in dozens of sectors and countries.

We measure impact through the growth and health of ventures in our portfolio, the formation and connection of people in our community, and the reach and engagement of our content.


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Praxis Journal

The ideas, models, practices, and people powering today’s redemptive ventures.

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Resources for building redemptive ventures.

The Praxis Playbooks are print and digital resources that offer our take on how to do redemptive work in the entrepreneurial environment.


Creative restoration through sacrifice.

All redemptive work is love in action: making new things that make things right, for others first.

We use the Redemptive Frame to assess, build, lead, and fund entrepreneurial organizations for greater redemptive impact.

Explore the redemptive frame
A chart showing the expanding circles of exploitative, ethical, and redemptive models.
One of the greatest gifts of participating in Praxis is that you instantly feel less alone in your experience as an entrepreneur. The Praxis team attracts brilliant and faithful people into a room and sets the stage for transformation. You'll be called forward into the world to address the most pressing issues of our time with redemptive creativity.

Dana Doll

Co-Founder, Treetops Collective; Program Director, Micah 6:8 Foundation

2018 Nonprofit Fellow

Finding the Praxis community felt like arriving home to the long lost family I never knew I had. This creative culture of redemptive entrepreneurship and sacrificial leadership resonated with my deepest reasons for being in business, making a difference, and living a life of meaningful impact.

Eddy Moratin

President, Lift Orlando

Nonprofit Accelerator Mentor

To walk into a room at a Praxis gathering and feel known and loved by a group of individuals all striving in the same direction is a pretty profound thing in today's world of often transactional relationships and conference banter. The community, centered in the humble pursuit of joining God in His redemptive work in the world, is simply unique and extraordinary.

Robin Bruce

Former CEO, Acton School of Business; President, David Weekley Family Foundation

Nonprofit Accelerator Mentor

I wrestled for years to reconcile my entrepreneurial drive with my kingdom purpose until I found the Praxis community, where I developed meaningful relationships with so many generous, thoughtful, and successful entrepreneurial leaders who have been there and "get it."

Taylor Jones

Founder & CEO, Whiteboard

2020 Business Fellow

Praxis is the thought leader in the Christian business and nonprofit space. Their content challenges both entrepreneurs and investors to embrace a redemptive perspective, shifting the existing Christian narrative. The Praxis community has helped shape our family’s investment and granting strategy more than any other organization.

Greg Lernihan

Founder, Convergint Technologies; Manager, His Fund

Business & Nonprofit Accelerator Mentor

Through Praxis, I’ve met the most thoughtful, humble, and smart people who are changing the world every day. They challenge me greatly with their example of quietly seeking God’s purposes first, giving sacrificially to their communities, and flipping the script on how success is defined. Praxis is special because of its people and our shared values, and it’s a huge source of encouragement to me in my own faith journey and work.

Grace Chiang Nicolette

Vice President, Center for Effective Philanthropy

Nonprofit Accelerator Mentor

Over several years of growing our business and family, we've been deeply formed by the way this community seeks to be redemptive and imaginative—not only dreaming but creating models and practical frameworks for doing—in all areas of life. Especially during times of challenge, like 2020, Praxis has been a place we turn for wisdom and encouragement.

Liz Bohannon

Founder & Co-CEO, Sseko Designs

2015 Business Fellow

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