Emerging Founders





Emerging Founders equips next-generation entrepreneurs in the midst of launching redemptive ventures of their own, whether businesses, nonprofits, or social enterprises. Each year, we hand pick a cohort of 12 high-capacity leaders, either current undergraduates or recent graduates, and invite them into the Praxis community. Modeled off our Accelerators, this highly selective program condenses learning into a single summer where the cohort works full-time on their ventures to evaluate viability, while simultaneously participating in intensive mentoring, readings, a speaker series, and discipleship.



Induction Week
New York City

Induction Week // New York

The program kicks off with a week-long induction at our headquarters in New York City, and continues in the weeks that follow as Emerging Founders discover what it takes to be a redemptive entrepreneur. Our holistic approach to the success of the venture and the entrepreneur creates a unique experience that’s a hybrid between an early-stage startup accelerator and leadership development program.


Advance Your Idea

Advance Your Idea Anywhere

After Induction week at Praxis Headquarters in New York City, Founders work full-time on their ventures (from any location of their choosing) and participate in bi-weekly video sessions that include exclusive Praxis content on venture building, coaching, a speaker series, and more.


Capstone & Pitch
Los Angeles

Capstone & Pitch // Los Angeles

Emerging Founders culminates with a second in-person event at the Annual Academy, where top students gather to learn what it takes to build redemptive ventures. Emerging Founders will pitch their ventures to an audience of fellow students, Praxis mentors, and the core team.


Josh Payne, a 2017 Emerging Founder, shares his venture pitch at the Annual Academy

Josh Payne, a CS Major from Stanford and 2017 Praxis Emerging Founder, sharing the vision for his startup, APFYT, at the 2017 Academy. The Emerging Founders program includes coaching on story, pitch decks and fundraising, as well as an opportunity to present in front of a highly engaged audience at the Annual Academy. 



Emerging Founders is a non-residential, mentorship and community oriented program that’s unique in its holistic approach to both the venture and the entrepreneur. The experience includes two in-person events that bookend the program, with bi-weekly video calls in-between, allowing the entrepreneurs to continue working full-time on their ventures without requiring a move to  NYC for the summer.

  • 9-week mentorship driven immersion that explores how to build a redemptive venture
  • Induction Week at the Praxis HQ in NYC, where you meet your cohort and have personal access to a curated group of 15 mentors to help advance your venture
  • Personal mentorship from the Praxis Team—an experienced group of entrepreneurs & leaders
  • Exclusive curriculum on building a redemptive venture.
  • Speaker Series featuring learnings from a variety of top entrepreneurs and cultural thinkers, including:
    • Evan Baehr (co-founder of Able and author of Get Backed)
    • Jena Lee Nardella (co-founder of Blood:Water Mission when she was just 22 years old and author of 1000 Wells)
    • Andy Crouch (author of Culture Making and Playing God)
    • Jessica Kim (serial entrepreneur who raised $1m for her first venture as an undergrad)
  • The opportunity to build deep, life-long relationships with an outstanding group of shared-faith peers in the Emerging Founders Cohort
  • Paid Seat in the Leadership Track at the 2018 Praxis Academy, where you'll learn from founders leading the charge on Redemptive Entrepreneurship, have exclusive opportunities to dive deep with the speakers, and pitch your idea in front of a group of ~200 high-capacity, values-aligned peers (some of whom we hope might become your future teammates!) 

Josh Kwan and Jessica Kim share lessons on raising capital and building relationships with potential funders. Both seasoned veterans in the space, they are just two of the many mentors whom Emerging Founders learn from on a variety of topics. 



  • Undergraduates or recent college graduates (within ~3 years)
  • Leading ventures that are beyond the "dreaming" or "idea" stage
  • Serious about their Christian faith with a desire to build Redemptive Entrepreneurship into their ventures
  • High-capacity and action-oriented (grades don't matter as much as demonstrated experience)
  • Working full-time on the venture during  Summer 2018 (June - August)
  • Operating as the top decision maker in the organization, although certain exceptions are considered (applicants can also apply as co-founders)



  • Solving a significant social/cultural problem—the problem and your vision are more important than the specific idea
  • Businesses, nonprofits, social enterprises—we believe different problems require different legal structures
  • Beyond the "Idea" stage—we look for thoughtful founders who have invested some effort into their ideas and are not just in the dreaming or thinking about doing something



Emerging Founders is a one of a kind opportunity for top founders to work full-time on their ventures for the summer without incurring debt or exchanging equity:

  • Praxis provides a travel stipend to cover flight costs to the two in-person mentorship events in New York City and Los Angeles
  • Praxis covers all costs at the events, including lodging, transportation and meals
  • Praxis does not take equity in the venture—Emerging Founders is made possible thanks to the support of generous individuals and partners